Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Week In

My first week on the job is done and I'm happy to report it has been a good week. I've designed a wedding announcement, done a few business cards, run the envelope press, made all kinds of copies, gone on several delivery runs, and generally learned a lot. This job has me up in the mornings at the same time as Am, so we've had breakfast together four days this week, and that has been quite nice. All the people I work with are friendly and good natured, so that is a bonus. The amount of jobs coming through our doors has been light this week, which is bad for the bottom line, but good for me learning at a steady pace rather than having too much to do and getting frustrated.

I like the work, I'm getting paid to do it, and in a friendly environment, not a bad arrangement.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Am and I are going out tonight to celebrate getting my new job. We are going to see Inception and then go out to eat somewhere afterwards. It'll be nice to be able to afford to do these kinds of things a little more often.

It sounds like they are going to start me out a little lower pay-wise for the first 90 days than I was hoping for, but I can understand going that route, as they need to see that I'm not going to flake out on them. And then the insurance benefit won't kick in until 6 months out. There are also 401(k) options, but I'll learn more about those on Monday. And they are still determining how to work out my schedule at least in the short term. But I'll jump through the hoops I need to, especially in this job market.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Minuteman Offer

Well, it took all day, and I got pretty worried there when I hadn't heard back by the end of business hours, but...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Minuteman Update

I sent in my resume on Friday and then spent the weekend with my in-laws. We went camping at a church campground called Cinnamon Creek. It was supposed to be a ward camp-out, but there were only 4 families there, but I guess that was alright, since we got to know the few people that were there better than if the whole ward was there. We played some soccer and glow-in-the-dark Ultimate Frisbee, had s'mores and dutch oven cooking, and went canoeing. Then on Sunday, my recently returned missionary brother-in-law gave his "homecoming" talk and even more family came for the talk and dinner. I've been greatly blessed, not only with a wonderful wife, but with a great new extended family.

As far as the job opportunity goes, I told Am yesterday morning that if the guy didn't call me by noon that I would call him. And then, right around noon, he called! We set up the interview for 3 that afternoon. So I quickly got ready, rushed over to my mom's to print off some of my newer pieces to go in my portfolio, and realized that I'd left my portfolio at home. But before I took off for the interview, the guy called and said that he was stuck down in Provo and asked if we could move it back. So we set it up for 10 this morning.

I went in, and I think that the interview went well. It is a modest little company, but seems to be pretty stable as most of the people there have worked there for years. Afterwards, the guy said that he had a few more interviews to do, but that he would make his decision by tomorrow, and let me know whether I got the job or not. I thanked him for the opportunity of just coming in for the interview, since it's been almost a year since my last real job interview. He said that my friend highly recommended me, but that he would have brought me in just based on my education. That made me feel pretty good.

So stay tuned for an update!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Minuteman Prospects

I heard from a friend that she is leaving her position as head designer at a local press shop, and suggested that I apply for the position. She feels that I would be the most qualified person to apply for the job thus far, and they want to hire ASAP. The thing is, it is a full-time position, so I would have to drop my classes at UVU to accept the job. I keep hearing from design people that it is not the degree that gets you work, it is the portfolio. I could possibly maintain half-time status at UVU by taking classes in the evenings, to stave off the repayment of student loans. However, the class selection is not that great, at least this upcoming semester. There are two art classes that I would want to take, but they are held at the same time.

If I was offered the job, though, it would be perfectly suited to my skill set. And the title of "Head Designer" sure would look snazzy on a resume. It would also prove to be a balm to my confidence to know that I am desirable to employers. This has recently been a worry of mine, as hardly anyone has asked me in for an interview after all the resumes and applications I have sent and completed. My friend tells me that I have a very good shot, especially since she is the one referring me.


Monday, July 12, 2010

There's Something in the Chinese Food...

Ick. I know several people in our area that like Won Won Wok. I wanted to give it a chance, I love good chinese food, but after two tries it is getting a negative vote from my household. First off, they haven't gotten our orders right either time. We specifically ask for fried rice, but both times we get plain white rice instead. That wouldn't be so bad if after our second trip we got hit with food poisoning. I just started doing work for LaborReady last week and I've now missed three days. The first was the worst, and now my digestive system is just trying to recover. It seems like we've just been unlucky, but all it takes is one bad experience to lose customers.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

There's Something in the Water...

So I have been experiencing, um, intestinal problems since before Easter. It has been a real problem, I've never experienced anything like it for so long. I went to a real bland, simple diet to mitigate a lot of the discomfort, but it was getting really old after a couple of days. Three weeks went by and my mom suggested probiotics. So I went to the local health food store and picked some up. It helped within a day or two. I've been eating regularly since, but my troubles have lingered. But Am wasn't being affected so I didn't know what it could be. At least until this last week. Am has been experiencing similar issues and the austere diet has been hard on her.

But we just found out that there is now a water contamination issue in our city. Surely our problems are unrelated, they would have caught the problem a lot sooner if it was, right? Well, in talking to some people to find out more, it sounds like people all over our town have been having these same problems for weeks. How does something like this happen? How does a problem like this go unchecked for so long? At least we know now, and we will boil our drinking and cooking water, and hopefully the problem will subside.